Agile development. Learn once write anywhere
With single CMS schema, you can build data model and UI at the same time, and create any forms and types of application for any data sources.
Advantages of using Canner
Canner helps companies and developer teams to develop CMS extremely fast and cut down tremendous costs
Simpler, One Framework
Canner is extremely flexible and agnostic, that you can learn once and create any form of CMS for many databases.
Agile, Move Faster
While you are defining Canner schema, you are defining how your CMS stores your data into databases, and how CMS UI/UX look like.
Flexible, any Data Sources
With different connectors, you are able to create a CMS to interact with Firebase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, GraphQL with the same schema.
Efficient, Less is More
Since Canner schema is only a configuration file without any logistic code, in other words, you can maintain in less code and using version controls.
Return of Investment using Canner
Canner can save up to 80% of your current solution building CMS for databases.
Data is yours
Canner CMS builds adapters to connect your database and biggest backend providers, instead of hosting on our platform
Get started in 3 steps
All you need is to create a schema, upload to Canner and you are all set! We also support LiveReload feature when developing in local machine.
CMS component as a unit
Canner CMS is construct with CMS components, developers can pick components to assemble CMS interfaces.
CMS schema as structure
Canner provides flexible CMS infrastructure, allowing developers to assemble CMS interface that adapts to any specifications.
  <Block title="Blog post">
    <string keyName="title" title="Title"/>
      title="Banner image"
      description="Your post image"/>
      title="Post tag"
        defaultOptions: [
      <string />


This is a blog post demo, you can edit, update your posts
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