Make Data Management Simple

Accelerate the innovation progress in businesses using data, Make Artificial intelligence, Business intelligence and Big data adoptions faster and easier.

What We Do?

creditcardData Unification

Many companies are struggling with data silos, which scattered in different softwares and applications in business units. We help to unify data silos.

devData Analysis

Thinking about solutions of viewing data in multiple services and solutions? We provide solution to preview and analyze data in a single interface.

globeData Collaboration

Figuring out ways to collaborate data science and engineering? We create tools to make data collaboration easy.

Our Open Source Tools

We support open community to help companies around the world better


Canner standardized Content Management Architecture for enterprises, create custom Content Management System easy and fast.

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Businesses usually involving a broad spectrum of applications, that aren't integrated and requiring human intervention at almost every step of the process this lack of integration and automation. GQLify make API integration simple and easy.

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Our Services

We create services to help companies to adopt new data technology fast and easy


A content management platform to bring content to any platform.

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A cloud based collaborative workspace for Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence adoptions. Make data science and engineering collaboration easy.

We are hiring, and currently based in Taiwan, Taipei

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